A Career Brainstorming Workshop for Teens

from Bureau of Angst Management


No idea what you want to do with your life?

Together we will identify your interests, your skills, and who you are interested in helping. Using a step by step process, the whole group will help each other brainstorm ways that those interests could be "mashed up" into interesting and unusual jobs. We’ll dream up all sorts of career possibilities, while also looking at “traditional” careers that might fit your interests. This workshop will leave you with a personalized starting place for exploring careers and college majors. We will even talk about how to prepare for careers that don't exist yet!

Who should come?

Any teen (age 14-18) who is not sure where to start their career explorations. Also great for teens who already have a career in mind and would like to discover creative pathways for getting there.

What will you get out of this?

a) Some ideas about what careers might fit your interests
b) A step-by-step process you can use to brainstorm more creative careers
c) Strategies for experimenting with careers as you discover your interests

How will it work?

You will receive a pre-workshop questionnaire by email to help you get some of your interests and talents on paper before the workshop. I will also send a reminder email the day before to make sure you have some time to work on the questions.

Parents will be sent a follow-up email that evening with tips about talking with your child about the workshop, as well as next steps for career exploration.


Rowan loves helping young adults uncover their core values and passions on the way to building a career and a deeply-rooted life. She also has an uncanny knack as a connector, steering friends and strangers towards just the right resource or person for their next step. Rowan has a master's in professional counseling and works with teens and young adults who are exploring their purposes in life. Her Bureau of Angst Management offers more workshops and individual services - check them out at bureauofangstmanagement.com


this is a registration for my son, Devon Henry, who is 16. Thanks, Rowan

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