Backpacking Basics

Want to experience nature like never before? Don't know where to start?

This is an introductory class for those interested in the outdoor leisure sport of Backpacking. Just a disclaimer: This refers to outdoor hiking, camping and backpacking; not to be confused with foreign travel backpacking. This class will cover the most basic of skills and knowledge for being able to confidently plan and execute a successful backpacking trip. I will give advice on gear and practical knowledge based upon my experience as a guide and seasoned backpacker.

The main things we will cover in this demonstration lecture:
-Basic Trip Planning
-Basic equipment needed
-Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics
-Basic Navigation
-Cooking and food suggestions
-Basic Outdoor Safety

Things this trip will NOT cover:
-Survival skills
-First Aid
-Outdoor Leadership
-Advanced Navigation

Other Course Components:
-Good, Local camping Spots

My hope is for this to be fun and informative and different information than you would get at an outdoor store (I am not selling anything).

Although I will be handing out some notes, feel free to bring extra note-taking material

This class will cost $5 for course materials.


I have served as a leader for a number of backpacking trips with friends and have professional experience as a backpacking guide. With two years of sales experience in the Outdoor Recreation Industry, I posses an in-depth knowledge of gear and techniques used by the pros. I have everything necessary to teach this class, including all gear and demonstration materials as well as an effective, hands-on teaching style and a deep passion for the outdoors!


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


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mark benjamin
about 1 month ago

This is about outdoor hiking, camping and backpacking; Confuse with foreign travel backpack. He asked for uk writings reviews today. This class will cover the most basic knowledge and skills to help you plan and conduct your journey with a successful backpack. Based on my experience as a guide and experienced backpacker, I will advise on gear and practical knowledge.

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11 months ago

I love reading this great information and it contains details about backpacking and it's techniques. There are many amazing things written in it and the is a very good website and people are so much pleased with it. I have enjoyed all the things which have been told in this great blog.

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