Berlioz, sa vie, son oeuvre, son influence (3) : Musique Lyrique

from French in Ann Arbor


This is the occasion to talk about the life and work of french composer Hector Berlioz (1803-1869). My idea is to propose and comment some extracts of his most famous scores, in order to allow the audience to get more familiar with the musical ideas of this unique artist. We can also talk about the links between Berlioz and other major composers of the nineteenth century (Liszt, Wagner,...).

This time we will talk about Berlioz's main operas (Benvenuto Cellini, les Troyens,..) and la Damnation de Faust, which will enable us to underline the dramatic aspects of his music.

I propose to set up this meeting like a potluck: each guest can bring a dish, a dessert or a bottle of something that will be shared with the other participants (cheese and red wine are welcome, pudding is forbidden...).



I have a passion for the great composers and their works, and I think this could be interesting to share what I know about French classical music, a rich and fascinating world, although maybe not as well known as Italian or German traditions.


Bonjour, Je suis belge, d'origine roumaine. Je vis aux EU depuis 7 ans.


Teaching French is a passion and a hobby. But, my world would not be complete without my family, my friends, my garden, literature, music, knitting, movies and exercise!!!


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Mijo Pappas
about 6 years ago

Yann, tous mes remerciements! Nous avons appris énormément avec toi. Je ne connaissais pas bien Berlioz mais tu m'as réveillée. Ta dernière soirée était superbement préparée. Je sais combien de travail il faut pour en arriver à une soirée comme ça. C'est le "best of" French in Ann Arbor. A Cécile, savante en technologie, ma gratitude. Julie et Yann, nous avons apprécié votre généreuse hospitalité. Bonnes Fêtes à vous deux et bonnes vacances bien méritées!

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Leonore Gerstein
about 6 years ago

Bonjour Yann et tous leas autres Berlioz aficionados.
Tous les Jeudis en Aout j'ai unel class de peinture. Donc, je ne peux pas me joinder a vous.
Leonore G

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Joseph Gurt
about 6 years ago

est-ce que votre adresse est 2871 Sagebrush?

Yann Beaumin
about 6 years ago

No. You should have received an email with the right address when you registered. Is this the case?

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