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Join us for our second Bike Maintenance workshop taught by Christopher Stanton of Ghisallo Foundation and hosted by Austin's Yellow Bike Project! Thanks to YBP, not only will we will have plenty of stations and tools for everyone to perform common repairs and maintain the bike you love, it will also be a great introduction to your community bike shop and recycle center.

This hands-on workshop covers bicycle maintenance and repair topics including flat tires, brake functionality and brake pad wear, chain care, basic road safety and much more!

Included in the cost of this workshop is coffee (provided by Texas Coffee Traders), a patch kit, tire lever, bike lights (provided by City of Austin), and print material.

Proceeds go to support the work of Ghisallo Foundation and Women.Design.Build.


Christopher completed his first major cycling tour from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, CA in the fall of 2008 and started his first season of racing in the spring of 2009. Working part time at a bike shop enabled him the freedom to train, working his way up the ranks of the peloton to CAT3, while continuing to tour each year (Rapha Continental, 30 Days in Italy, and Boston->Austin). He started a new Austin based team which debuted in the Spring of 2011 and was finally able to launch a new bicycle based non-profit that Fall. He is super excited to build The Ghisallo Foundation into a successful and self-supporting organization helping to build the future of bicycling in Central Texas.


I will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf! I like rivers more than beaches. I keep moving, but have an aching need to nest wherever I land. I inherited my father's taste for manhattans and familiarity. I'm representin' the show-me state. Currently, I'm scratching that itch for exploration and contentment. Teaching children, and inevitably taking pieces of their hilarious personalities with me. I like RUNNING and playing music.


I'm Whitney. I'm from Dallas and I work in Finance. Boring. I'm also on the Board of Women.Design.Build. Not boring! We're an organization in ATX that empowers women through design and construction activities in the community. Want to know how to use a nail gun, change a flat tire, make a cutting board, construct a planter box, design a cardboard light fixture, brew beer, build a deck, blow glass, fix a bike? Ask me because I know how to do all of these things and I learned through Women.Design.Build.


Diana is a teacher-turned-designer and a co-founder of GirlsGuild, an arts apprenticeship service.


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