Brilliant Mashups: A Career Brainstorming Workshop

from Bureau of Angst Management


Not sure what you could do with your life?

A pre-workshop questionnaire will help you identify your current skills, the people or causes you would like to help, and the topics that fire up your enthusiasm. Using guided discussion, we will harness the creativity of the whole group to spot brilliant ways that these might combine into a dream job. Each member in turn will benefit from the group imagination as we uncover traditional careers to explore, dream up unusual career mashups, and invent careers that don't exist yet! This workshop is a great opportunity to put your search for purposeful work before a fresh (and creative) set of eyes.

Who should attend?
- College students who struggling to choose a major
- Young adults who are searching for a fulfilling career direction
- Anyone feeling the pull to change careers or return to school
- Adults of any age who are looking for more purposeful work!

What I hope you will take away from this workshop:
- A list of personalized career ideas that may lead you in unexpected directions
- A surprising desire to explore a career or a field you had not considered
- A fresh sense of direction regarding your next step!


Rowan loves helping clients uncover the core values and passions that make up a deeply-rooted life. She also has an uncanny knack as a connector, steering friends and strangers towards just the right resource or person needed for their next step. Rowan has a master's in professional counseling and works with teens and young adults who are exploring their purpose in life. Her Bureau of Angst Management offers more workshops and individual services - check them out at


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12 days ago

A pre-workshop questionnaire will aid you recognize your present expertise, the people or reasons you would like to support, and the courses that fire up your eagerness. Students can take help from this initiative and share their CVs at Resumance when they need. Utilizing guided debates, we will harness the innovativeness of the complete group to find brilliant methods that these might collectively into a best job.

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3 months ago

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8 months ago

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hassan ali
9 months ago

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Frances Hamilton
10 months ago

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11 months ago

I really want to attend this workshop. These types of workshops can give good knowledge. It is really a good opportunity for the students.
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over 1 year ago

A brilliant brain warming and washing training is held for the happiness of the people. The empowerment of the skills and has been done for the application of the abilities of the people to all tasks and options of the life. The use has been done or the happily lived items or the humans or the future and prospective terms.

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