Improv with Noa and Alicia of Atlantic Pacific Billy

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If you’re wondering what this class will be like, just imagine Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, but imagine it, like, funny. And instead of Ryan Stills and the cast of The Drew Carey Show it’s you and your friends throwing out locations, occupations, etc. and performing the scenes, too. Seriously. Sign up for this class and start the timer, your 15 minutes of fame are about to start.


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Phil Churchill
12 months ago

Dallas Comedy house performer and author Noa Gavin began her comedy profession through developing the famous comedy weblog community Oh Noa! And the League of Fuckin' Bitches as an outlet for her sense of humour that she could not show off in her original activity because of the co-operator of a chain of martial arts stores coursework writing service UK.

Considering that then, she's earned a spot at the DCH roster of long-form improv comedy membership regulars who helped create one in all its maximum signature companies, Atlantic Pacific Billy -they reenact movies - and one of its first caricatures shows diverse Artists.

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