Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance Basics

from Austin Motorcycle School


If you're looking to purchase a vintage bike or are new to the realm of motorcycle maintenance and are curious about the types of maintenance your bike might need, what you'll be able to do yourself, and what to expect, this class is for you!

This half-day workshop will introduce you to the concepts of motorcycle maintenance, the motorcycle's systems, tools and techniques, planning, resources, and useful knowledge for maintaining vintage, European and air-cooled motorcycles.

You will participate in a half-day of demos, hands-on tools and materials walkthroughs, and conversation about the maintenance needs of your motorcycle and what a vintage bike needs to run smoothly and consistently. This class will run in conjunction with the full Weekend Wrenching Motorcycle Maintenance Class. Check it out if you want to spend 2 full days learning hands-on maintenance.


• If you have a bike, bring it! If you don't, don't worry there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty with several different types of vintage bikes!
• A pen & notepad
• Clothes that can get dirty


• Guided instruction, wrenching, tips and tools, discussion and Q&A
• Handy handouts, materials lists and recommended reading lists
• Lunch on Saturday!


I've ridden and maintained my vintage BMW motorcycles for over 20 years and I love sharing my passion for airheads with friends, family and at wrenching days with my local Airheads Club.




I like it.


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over 1 year ago

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