Introduction to Front-end Web Technologies: HTML5 and Basic css

During this class, students will learn how to code HTML5 and basic CSS (cascading style sheets) in order to bring simple websites to life and augment existing wordpress templates and other front-end web tools. Students will learn about the basics of front-end scripting, understand how to use common tags and other scripting paradigms, explore the use of popular HTML template systems, and produce a simple and functioning website.


World traveler (when I can afford it). Photographer (on the weekends). Marketing & Product Lead @MainStreetHub (by day). Video game button masher (by night).


I'm a video game designer/yogini. I received my BFA in Design from the University of Texas in '06 and have been working as a game designer ever since. I started practicing yoga in '07, beginning with Bikram yoga, then focussing on Vinyasa flow. I completed a 100 hr. Anusara training in 2011.


Web designer for Texas A&M Libraries and owner of freelance design company Sprocket Design. schnauzer collector.


Senior Product Designer at Mixer Design Group


I like bikes.


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