La fille du puisatier (the well-digger's daughter) . A film at the Michigan theater starting Nov 11.

from French in Ann Arbor


You loved Jean de Florette et Manon des Sources movies? You love Marcel Pagnol, the author of the books? You will not be disappointed with this film directed by Daniel Auteuil who was actually 25 years ago Ugolin, one of the major characters of the films I mentioned.
Still from a Marcel Pagnol story but with a, well...ending that.... well, go and check by yourself.

I put tentative hours since there is no schedule yet.

PS: I already saw it, by the way.


I love films, I teach films too and when they come at the Michigan theater, it is la cerise sur le gâteau.


Teaching French is a passion and a hobby. But, my world would not be complete without my family, my friends, my garden, literature, music, knitting, movies and exercise!!!


I'm a lover of literature and actively campaign for BOOKS.


Bonnie joined the Peace Corps and went to Burkina Faso in West Africa, taking her music along for company. She is back earlier than planned and wants to continue her French studies and singing too.


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kostas pappas
almost 7 years ago

Thank you, Cat, for suggesting the movie. It was sweet and sentimental in an old-fashioned way --and beautifully acted.

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