Marketing and Community Building

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Marketing and Community Building.

This class will cover some best practices, along with advice on documenting and sharing your efforts - to get the most out of the limited resources of your small business or startup.

Class will start at 3pm, and will be one to two hours long.

Center 61 is a co-working space, and you are welcome to work there free of charge for the full day on the day you are registered for a class! Meet people, drink good coffee, get some work done and learn a little something!


food wrangler with one boot in the food industry and the other in the non-profit/social entrepreneurship realm.


eats to live.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


Designer. Developer. Entrepreneur.


I'm here to learn, share, and help where I can.


I am a mechanical engineer working in San Marcos/Austin, TX. I've been studying design topics for the better part of a year. I'm interested in exploring a variety of ideas. Lately I've been obsessed with manufacturing and design process as well as materials. I've been studying a variety of different topics like generative design and biomimicry. Some skills that I'm learning/working on are Processing, Rhino, Grasshopper, sketching, prototyping methodology


Diana is a teacher-turned-designer and a co-founder of GirlsGuild, an arts apprenticeship service.


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14 days ago

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30 days ago

A special class is arranged for the p[eople to learn something informative about the marketing to build the best community relations and increase their clients and visit for unique task. So I recommend you all to never miss this chance to attend this class and also take your friends with you.

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