Rolling up your sleeves: Choosing technologies, getting development help, scaling up

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You've researched, synthesized data, iterated, and sketched your little heart out! Awesome! But now what? You need to build software! But there's a lot of options and ways to get it done. In a whirlwind overview I'll cover the basics in three half-hour segments, followed by a half-hour of whatever you want to know! During this course I'll try to answer the following questions you may have:

- Choosing technology: Am I building a web app, a native app or hybrid? What language should I choose? What is and do I need a framework? I keep hearing about (Wordpress | Node | Objective C | Rails | Symphony | Javascript) -- what's that all about and will it work for me?

- Getting help: Can I do this myself? What are the pros and cons of hiring someone, contracting out, or fully outsourcing my project? What are some of the roles and people I'll work with? How does the software development process work?

- Dealing with success: What techniques and technologies should I look at to make sure my site is ready to scale? How can I make sure my database is running optimally? How do I cache data? How can I make sure pages load as quickly as possible for my users? I keep hearing about the cloud, will that help and how?

All you need to bring is the note taking implements of your choice and all the questions that you have about web software development!


This class will be lead by AC4D grad Jesse Jack. Jesse is a Founder and Managing Partner at Source Spring where he's helped companies like Bedrock, My Campus Tutors, and MMX Healthcare launch software products. Prior to Source Spring, Jesse co-founded Front Gate Tickets, developed their e-commerce platform, and scaled it to a nationwide ticketing platform that handles large scale events like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Festival.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


A cartoonist-turned-UI designer who enjoys traveling the world.


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


Founder of Feast for Days, interaction designer, married, former college athlete, 4th grade chess club president.


I'm here to learn, share, and help where I can.




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14 days ago

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Jesse Jack
about 6 years ago

Hey everyone! Thanks so much again for coming to my class, thanks for bearing with it when it went over, and especially for all the helpful feedback. You can get the presentation off of SlideShare here:

Don't hesitate to find me on LinkedIn: and you can always reach me for more questions at

Lastly, Ruby made a great comment which I wish I had covered in the presentation. With new developers or shops, if you have a small project or feature that you can try first, it's much better to learn that way than start with a full on new product. If you're hiring someone full-time, consider a 1 to 3 month contract first. Just food for thought!

Scott Gerlach
about 6 years ago

thanks again for the overview of the landscape to go along with insights and advice.

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