A Feast from the Far East: Thai Food!

from Feast for Days


Inspired by Austin's own Thai Fresh, we are going to be cooking a couple of recipes that Jam so graciously shared on her blog (http://www.thaicookingwithjam.blogspot.com/).

We will be making the popular Tom Kha Kai, a coconut and chicken soup that balances all of the flavors of Thai cooking: sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and bitter. To accompany the soup, we will put together our own spring rolls made with vermicelli, bell peppers, carrots, arugula, and mint and whip up some peanut sauce from scratch to dip them in.

It's going to be a fun and tasty feast! Looking forward to cooking with you all!


Former marketing professional. Now exploring everything else and embracing life along the way. Works at Feast for Days, though still confounded as to where the "On" button is on the stove.


Founder of Feast for Days, interaction designer, married, former college athlete, 4th grade chess club president.


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