Trans Pecos Festival: Saturday Dinner & Leftovers (Vegetarian)

from Feast for Days


Feast for Days and Girls Guild are teaming up to host two feasts during the Trans Pecos Festival of Music and Love in Marfa, Texas.

This feast will take place on Friday evening, September 28, with leftover/additional ingredients being used for breakfast & lunch Saturday September 29th.

Breakdown of servings:
1-2 servings of vegetable stew with white beans, carrots & spinach.
2 servings of granola (breakfast and snacks the next day).
2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches


Jonathan is the founder of Feast for Days, Austin Center for Design Alumni, and mega huge fan of Girls Guild ( Girls Guild is a community that brings together girls with women artists and makers through apprenticeship.


eats to live.


Diana is a teacher-turned-designer and a co-founder of GirlsGuild, an arts apprenticeship service.


Former marketing professional. Now exploring everything else and embracing life along the way. Works at Feast for Days, though still confounded as to where the "On" button is on the stove.


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Classic solitaire. You love it.

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